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Patients Are Trying To Engage With You On Social Media. Are You Ready?

Peter Friedman, CEO LiveWorld

It’s time for pharma and healthcare companies to engage with their patients on social media. Because smartphones are the center of the customer and patient experience, patients expect 1-on-1 direct dialogue. Patient engagement is now more important than ever before.   These conversations can directly contribute to the patient journey and the overall patient experience. […]

Maximize the Customer Experience in a Socially Charged World

Social customer experience is the chief battleground for brands; it is where consumers’ eyes, ears, minds and hearts are. How can you Maximize the Customer Experience in a Socially Charged World? LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, prepares your brand for battle in his presentation for the Marketing Profs Virtual Conference Series. According to Gartner, 89% of […]

Procurement & Marketing working together: Be Social Effectively and Cost Effectively

As social media has become a more valuable tool for the marketing department, brands have developed an increased dependency on agencies, external vendors, and software to manage customer conversations on social. But there’s plenty out there that needs to be managed. For example, if you’re in the pharmaceuticals industry you must track adverse events on […]

Meerkat and Periscope stream into view. Time to add live streaming to the marketing mix?

And now it’s live streaming’s turn to shine bright in the social media universe. Meerkat, using SXSW as its launch pad, whipped up excitement and investment money for its personal, mobile live streaming app, followed a few days later by Twitter’s Periscope. Too early to tell which, if either, of these apps will survive and […]

CEO Peter Friedman's interview on Bulldog & The Rude Awakening Show

LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, joined hosts, Bulldog, Coach, Big Al Reno, and CJ on Bulldog and the Rude Awakening show to answer their questions about social media. How does social media work and is there too much of it currently? How can you create a social media strategy with dedicated people behind it? How do […]

CEO Peter Friedman Offers Social Media Insight on C-Suite TV

Engagement, strategy, and moderation are all critical for establishing a strong brand identity on social media, which leads to a consistent customer experience and ROI from these channels. Yet even Fortune 500 companies struggle with it, from creating a cohesive strategy, executing programs, and finding the right part of the organization to manage different platforms. It’s a […]

An Executive’s Guide to Leading Social Media Marketing Across the Organization

LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, has written an informative new article for the C-Suite Network. In the article, Peter shares his experience working in social media with chief marketing officers and marketing executives.  He explains how engagement with customers is important, and how to lead on social media across a large enterprise. As Peter states in […]

How to Become the Starbucks of B-to-B Social Media

I first got to know Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz in the late ’90s when I produced a virtual live event that featured both Schultz and Mark McGuire speaking on behalf of a social cause. The event took place on Talk City, a consumer-community website that LiveWorld created and managed during that period. During the run-throughs […]

Become the Social CEO

Peter Friedman, LiveWorld CEO, has written about becoming a Social CEO for The CEO Magazine. Peter talks about the transformative power of social media and conversations with customers for a business. Strong executive leadership and support from a CEO can enable a company to leverage social media and the customer’s voice in an immense way. […]