LiveWorld - 4 Best Practices for Content Moderation That Elon Musk Is Failing At And Why Brands Should Keep Their Twitter Accounts (For Now)

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4 Best Practices for Content Moderation That Elon Musk Is Failing At And Why Brands Should Keep Their Twitter Accounts (For Now)

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Elon Musk has bought Twitter and sought to remake it in his own image. That was his first mistake. Every move since then flies in the face of content moderation best practices and is destabilizing Twitter. Still, a good understanding of best practices can save Twitter. Meanwhile, brands can and must continue to make Twitter […]

10 Actual Ways To Fix Social Media Right Now

Lots of talk goes on these days about what’s wrong with Facebook and social media. Much of the conversation focuses on teen self-esteem, misinformation, and privacy.  People make generalized fix-it statements, such as “break it up” or “get rid of engagement algorithms,” that realistically won’t solve the key issues. Some suggestions would likely have very […]

Bumble swipes left on Tinder, declaring itself good David – let's make that "Diana" vs. evil Goliath

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Leveraging social media in a crisis Bumble and Tinder are at war. In addition to competing for customers and market position, the two are firing accusations at each other—with Tinder actually filing a lawsuit against Bumble, claiming violation of two of its patents. Bumble accuses Tinder of trying to buy it, intimidate it, and copy […]

How To Create Your Brand Identity On Social Media (3 case studies)

LiveWorld founder and CEO Peter Friedman was interviewed by Sushant of Trep Talks. In the interview Peter shares what it takes to create conversations among and with your customers on social media. Peter also shares his experience at Apple, how his time there affected the rest of his entrepreneurial career, and his work with social. […]

Peter Friedman of LiveWorld interviewed by C-Suite Network Radio

Thomas White of C-Suite Network Radio interviewed Peter Friedman, CEO of LiveWorld. Peter and Thomas spoke about how to succeed in business, and about the qualities of leadership. Peter and Alan also spoke about C-Suite leaders, and how they must become advocates for their team and build strong, mutually beneficial relationships. Peter also shared insights […]

Peter Friedman interview about Social Storytelling by Money For Lunch Radio

Peter Friedman, LiveWorld CEO and Founder, is a featured speaker on the Money For Lunch podcast. Peter speaks with host, Bert Martinez, on how CMO’s can make use of social storytelling for their brand, brand identity, and how CMO’s can build their social media team. Peter and Bert also speak about Peter’s upcoming book, The […]

How To Become A Social Storyteller

Our own LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, has written an article on how to be a social storyteller for the Huffington Post. Peter shares the basics of social storytelling, such as, not just using social to make announcements and broadcasting, but moving to asking customers for their stories, creating and participating with them, engage with them. […]