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Remote Is Here To Stay!

Our company, LiveWorld, survived when 80% of Internet companies folded in the 2001 crash and subsequently through other ups and downs in part because we became remote-centric. With two decades of operating a successful company whose employees work virtually 100% from home and are spread around the country in 46 states, for the first time […]

A Federal Agency to Regulate Social Media Is a Good Idea. Here’s What It Should Do.

In a recent New York Times essay, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Lindsey Graham proposed a new federal agency to regulate social media and tech companies. As the CEO and founder of LiveWorld, the longest-standing social media-related company in the world (27 years), having overseen more than 3 million hours of content moderation and engagement managed […]

Threads, from Meta, is likely to succeed where other Twitter wannabes will not, and where Elon Musk has failed.

Elon Musk’s chaotic reign of Twitter, from a breaking system to erratic policies, to layoffs and fees with total indifference to the impact on people, users, brands, and partners has left the door wide open for another company to take over the lead in the text comment – micro-blogging space. Likely pushing Twitter aside and […]

Social Media Networks’ Cooperation With Government Officials is not About Censorship. It’s About Saving Lives

The Louisiana federal judge’s injunction curtailing cooperation between the federal government and social media networks and the state AG’s petitions supporting it are ill-placed politicking and dangerous. I’ve been running, managing, and moderating online communities and social media networks for over 30 years, from leading Apple’s global online communities in the 90s, to moderating AOL, […]

4 Best Practices for Content Moderation That Elon Musk Is Failing At And Why Brands Should Keep Their Twitter Accounts (For Now)

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Elon Musk has bought Twitter and sought to remake it in his own image. That was his first mistake. Every move since then flies in the face of content moderation best practices and is destabilizing Twitter. Still, a good understanding of best practices can save Twitter. Meanwhile, brands can and must continue to make Twitter […]

10 Actual Ways To Fix Social Media Right Now

Lots of talk goes on these days about what’s wrong with Facebook and social media. Much of the conversation focuses on teen self-esteem, misinformation, and privacy.  People make generalized fix-it statements, such as “break it up” or “get rid of engagement algorithms,” that realistically won’t solve the key issues. Some suggestions would likely have very […]