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Facebook Comment Moderation with LiveWorld Software

Facebook Comments Social Plugin- LiveWorld

Moderate Facebook Comments and Enhance User Engagement To allow comments or not to allow comments? Organizations in virtually every industry grapple with this question. Brands crave customer engagement, but active consumer involvement can be a double-edge sword. For every helpful or inquisitive comment, there are likely an equal amount of spiteful, rude and even inappropriate […]

Maximize the Customer Experience in a Socially Charged World

Social customer experience is the chief battleground for brands; it is where consumers’ eyes, ears, minds and hearts are. How can you Maximize the Customer Experience in a Socially Charged World? LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, prepares your brand for battle in his presentation for the Marketing Profs Virtual Conference Series. According to Gartner, 89% of […]

LiveWorld’s Latest Advancement in Social Media Software

Last week we released our new conversation management software for customer-obsessed brands. LiveWorld’s SaaS platform enables brands to manage customer conversations across social media and messaging apps in real time – thus enhancing social customer service and customer engagement. Not only will the software make your customers love you even more, it’ll make the entire conversation […]

Look into the past to make social media work in the future for your brand

No one can exactly see into the future, but some people, like LiveWorld’s CEO & Founder Peter Friedman, comes pretty darn close. Check out the recent Triangulation netcast above where host and renowned technology reporter Leo Laporte interviewed Peter. Not only does Peter providing fascinating details about the roots of social media from his days working […]

Are you taking advantage of the right social channels?

Sure, you’re familiar with Facebook and Twitter. But what about Periscope? Or SlideShare? It can be hard to know if you’re using the right social media platforms for the right audiences. Plus, since Facebook continues to reduce organic, now is the time to extend or change your mix of social channels. For instance, you might […]

Meerkat and Periscope stream into view. Time to add live streaming to the marketing mix?

And now it’s live streaming’s turn to shine bright in the social media universe. Meerkat, using SXSW as its launch pad, whipped up excitement and investment money for its personal, mobile live streaming app, followed a few days later by Twitter’s Periscope. Too early to tell which, if either, of these apps will survive and […]

Turning Browsing Into Shopping On Pinterest

Launched only four years ago, Pinterest is already the #1 ecommerce traffic driver. And with more than 70 million registered users, rapid growth and the launch of new business features, it has become a highly attractive channel for business that deserves full consideration to be a part, even a big part, of social media plans. […]

LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, interviewed on AM Ocala Live

LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, joined AM Ocala Live hosts Larry Whitler & Robin McBlane to talk about social media and The CMO’s Social Media Handbook. He discussed how to improve your strategy, how social media affects music sales and small brands, and what retargeting is. Peter also explained the difference between social media marketing and […]

Peter Friedman of LiveWorld interviewed on the Bob Pritchard Radio Show

In this interview, our CEO, Peter Friedman spoke with Bob Pritchard to give a candid look into the social media and marketing industries. Peter uses his years of experience in the social media industry to discuss with Bob how to do social media effectively, how to respond to a crisis, and the importance of understanding your customers. […]