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Social Listening Best Practices for Better Customer Service

Part 2 in the Series: Social Customer Service Social customer service is growing by leaps and bounds. Nielson found that 33% of customers prefer it to the phone – and that number will only go up. Listening to social conversations and detecting customer service issues are key – you can’t respond to customer questions or […]

Using Social Media For Business? Think Strategically

Our CEO, Peter Friedman, was recently interviewed by Investors Business Daily on how to use social media initiatives strategically for your business. In the interview Peter speaks about his new book, The CMO’s Social Media Handbook, and also offers some tips and best practices to make the most of your social media efforts. Peter explains […]

The Language of Social Media – Moderating versus Monitoring: An Important Distinction

In the ever-evolving world of online communications, new words and phrases are frequently created. If you’re going to thrive as part of this world, then you need to understand the language. The purpose of this article is to provide you with better insight on some terminology of social media and give you the knowledge you […]

When Social Media Comments Go Negative, Should Your Brand Respond?

Every brand experiences negative attention on social media at some point. Many panic and overreact when criticism shows up on their sites. They try to hide it or they respond defensively and end up adding fuel to the fire. Transparency and authenticity in social media is a must to build customer trust. This means embracing […]

Facebook Launches Trending: Social Marketing Meets Real-Time

Facebook is rolling out a new Trending feature that shows users the most popular topics being discussed on the social network. Unlike Twitter’s trending feature, the Facebook version will show the user hot topics tailored to their individual interests, as well as the most popular topics on Facebook overall. Most users in the United States […]

ALL hours are business hours

post by: Jenna Woodul

At LiveWorld, with our history rooted in real-time online interaction and online events, we’ve always taken a 24-hour, global point of view. As our clients deal with the proliferation of customer content flowing their way, we’re seeing numerous pain points emerge: Need for brand protection through timely interaction consistent with customer expectations and values Exponentially […]