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Use these 4 Proven Healthcare Social Strategies to Break Through to Patients and Consumers

4 Proven Healthcare Social Strategies

There’s one sure-fire way to break through to your patients and customers: having 1-to-1 conversations. And the most practical way to do that is through social media. We’ve found four main healthcare social strategies that every healthcare marketer needs to consider. By tapping into the transformative power of social media, pharmaceutical marketers can increase engagement and […]

Make your Facebook marketing more effective by creating the right mix of organic posts and paid posts

Facebook is changing its algorithms again, altering what content users see from brands. Although the organic reach of Facebook posts has declined significantly from the peak levels back in 2013, this is mostly just for product-centric promotional posts. Your posts can still reach a sizable audience, especially if they are written with strong social content. […]

Using Social Media For Business? Think Strategically

Our CEO, Peter Friedman, was recently interviewed by Investors Business Daily on how to use social media initiatives strategically for your business. In the interview Peter speaks about his new book, The CMO’s Social Media Handbook, and also offers some tips and best practices to make the most of your social media efforts. Peter explains […]

Social Content Marketing with LiveWorld’s CEO, Peter Friedman

Have you ever wondered how big business uses social media to engage their customers? Well listen in as today’s Open Source Marketer podcast guest and LiveWorld, CEO Peter Freidman sheds light on how his company uses a mix of technology and human interaction to strike a balance between automated processes and personalized service. Continue reading here.

To Maximize Social ROI, Think Like A Pirate

Does it seem like you’re spending a lot of time trying to create compelling, engaging content but still struggling to come up with a social ROI? If you answered “yes,” you’re like many brands that we see across many industries. At SXSW 2014, I led a customer-insights workshop that offered a readily achievable path to social […]

11 Questions on Content Marketing With Peter Friedman

We are very excited to welcome Peter Friedman to our expert interview series today! Peter is the Chariman and CEO of LiveWorld, a social content marketing company that provides management of user content through innovative technology, and leading-edge services. Prior to LiveWorld, Peter was VP and General Manager of Apple’s Internet Services Devision, where he […]

Customers, Not Marketers, Invent the Best Social Strategy

Social media implementation requires clear strategy paired with customer-driven execution. What that means is that the best companies approach the process with an exploratory, flexible, and collaborative attitude. When we were working with eBay, we built and managed discussion forums for seller support. This was initially intended to be a place where people who sold […]

Don't Be Tricked: LiveWorld's Top Social Media Treats

We’re often asked how we help the world’s biggest brands maximize the results of social. Their daunting task can involve managing hundreds of social pages with hundreds of thousands of comments in dozens of languages. (Actually, LiveWorld supports up to 70 country-language combinations, to be exact.) Here is a quick list of the kinds of […]

The Emmy Awards: An Approach to Social Media

Blog post based on Ryan Morris’ article “Brand Approach to Social Media: Where’s the Party?” from December 19, 2012.  We’ve always thought of social media as a gathering of people — a party that the brand throws for its customers – similar to the Emmy Awards gathering the finest in the television industry, a celebration […]