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Whose Super Bowl Ads Won Social Media?

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Millions of dollars are spent on Super Bowl ads every year, but a big question always remains – was that money well spent? Fortunately, we can turn to social media channels to get instant feedback from consumers to determine winners and losers. There were 150 million Instagram interactions and 240 million Facebook interactions – 40 million […]

Social will Dominate Customers’ Brand Experience

LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, was recently interviewed by the Business Marketing Association’s BMA Buzz about his new book The CMO’s Social Media Handbook. Peter provides an overview of the book and also offers some advice to CMOs. Peter imparts some great advice for CMOs just getting started and considering social media in the interview. “Social […]

Peter Friedman interview about Social Storytelling by Money For Lunch Radio

Peter Friedman, LiveWorld CEO and Founder, is a featured speaker on the Money For Lunch podcast. Peter speaks with host, Bert Martinez, on how CMO’s can make use of social storytelling for their brand, brand identity, and how CMO’s can build their social media team. Peter and Bert also speak about Peter’s upcoming book, The […]

How To Become A Social Storyteller

Our own LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, has written an article on how to be a social storyteller for the Huffington Post. Peter shares the basics of social storytelling, such as, not just using social to make announcements and broadcasting, but moving to asking customers for their stories, creating and participating with them, engage with them. […]

Social Media, Marketing and PR: Who's Responsible for What?

LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, was recently interviewed for an article on Social Media, PR and Marketing and the changing responsibilities in these roles. Peter explains in the article how all the roles related to social at a company are important, he equates the “marketing mix” to a party. “Think of advertising as the invitations, PR […]

A BRAVE New Approach To Social Media And Community Building

We’ve come full circle. For most of our existence people sold things to others through one-on-one relationships. It’s only since World War II that mass media has enabled the few to sell to the many with any effect utilizing one-way communication. Now we’re going back to two-way conversations, enabled by new technologies – social media. […]

The Best Social Media Storytelling Throws Customers To The Lions

The following is inspired thinking from Future Buzz community member and LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman. If you want to put your finger on the zeitgeist of brand storytelling today, watch the recent GoPro ad, “Lions – The New Endangered Species.” Actually, you could watch any GoPro ad, but I like this one because lions are cuddly […]

Five Tricks from Improv: Make Social Media Stories More Engaging Than SNL

Storytelling has been marketing’s go-to buzzword for a couple years running. A well-told story that draws on the interests of its audience has the power to connect customers emotionally to a brand and make it unforgettable. But when it comes to social media, few marketers get storytelling right. Traditional advertising follows a broadcasting model, and […]

Peter Friedman – MoneyForLunch Interview

MoneyForLunch. Bert Martinez interviews Leaders, Authors, Innovators, and Celebrities. Listen to Peter Friedman’s interview and other guests here. Peter Friedman Chairman and CEO of LiveWorld, a social content marketing company managing social media for Fortune 500 companies through engagement, moderation and insight. He’s provided multiple global brands with strategic social media guidance and delivered hundreds […]

The Emmy Awards: An Approach to Social Media

Blog post based on Ryan Morris’ article “Brand Approach to Social Media: Where’s the Party?” from December 19, 2012.  We’ve always thought of social media as a gathering of people — a party that the brand throws for its customers – similar to the Emmy Awards gathering the finest in the television industry, a celebration […]