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10 Social Media Tips that Create Big Wins for Clients

People often ask me how my company, LiveWorld, helps the world’s biggest brands maximize the results of social. Their daunting task can involve managing hundreds of social pages with hundreds of thousands of comments in dozens of languages. But the truth is, what we do at that gigantic scale is governed by the same principles […]

How Marketers Can Make Friends With Legal

Marketers who are innovating in social media and working for big companies are likely to have experienced one or more bruising run-ins with their legal teams. Indeed, as I work with clients, I often find an adversarial relationship between social-media marketers and legal departments. It’s bad for everyone. Legal doesn’t understand the benefits of campaigns, […]

To abuse or not to abuse your power on Facebook? Social PR pros weigh in – Inside Facebook

Recently, the CEO of a social media firm ranted publicly about a brand we all know, calling their reps liars on his blog and in social channels. Neither the name of the CEO nor the name of the brand is important here. What matters is if or when he should do this, using his prominence […]

Six Lessons from 29 Years of Experience in Social

I’ve been building relationships for companies through online community and social media for 29 years, starting from my earliest work at Apple with a product called Desktop Express and the Apple industry online community, AppleLink, and continuing to my present role as chairman and CEO of LiveWorld, which provides social content marketing solutions to major […]

What Social Media Marketers Can Learn from Taxi Cabs in Havana, Cuba

Taking a cab in Havana, Cuba, is nothing like taking one in the United States. The taxis there are communal, but it’s not like being in U.S.-based public transportation either. In New York, for example, people on the subway read, listen to music or thumb their iPads. There’s not much eye contact and striking up […]

Electronic Etiquette: Social Media Manners

You’ve thrown a party to celebrate a milestone birthday and—sometime between the champagne and the crudités—you make a speech about the wonders of, well, you. You boast about giving up simple carbs and the time you shoveled your neighbor’s driveway without being asked. And watch how many push-ups I can do! You wouldn’t do that, […]

Right Place, Wrong Time: Avoiding Prescheduling Pitfalls

Do you schedule and publish your social media content on Facebook or Twitter using tools like Buddy Media and Hootsuite? If you’re managing a content calendar that includes 50 or more posts per month and spans across social channels, publishing tools make good sense and ensure consistency in post quality. But these tools come with […]

The impact of declining anonymity on the web

(Editor’s note: The following post by Peter comes as a response to a recent New York Times article, “Upending Anonymity, These Days the Web Unmasks Everyone.” An abridged version of this response was also left as a direct comment to the article) The article raises an important dynamic about the decline of anonymity with some positive and […]