LiveWorld - In the Wake of the Paris Attacks: How Brands Can Prepare for a Crisis to Preserve Customer Experience
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In the Wake of the Paris Attacks: How Brands Can Prepare for a Crisis to Preserve Customer Experience

Was your marketing team caught off-guard by the recent attacks in Paris? Brands must have assurance that inappropriate content and untimely previously scheduled marketing content is not published on social channels during a crisis. What’s more, brands should take the extra effort to be prepared to pivot when tragedies happen in order to maintain a good […]

Procurement & Marketing working together: Be Social Effectively and Cost Effectively

As social media has become a more valuable tool for the marketing department, brands have developed an increased dependency on agencies, external vendors, and software to manage customer conversations on social. But there’s plenty out there that needs to be managed. For example, if you’re in the pharmaceuticals industry you must track adverse events on […]

Are you taking advantage of the right social channels?

Sure, you’re familiar with Facebook and Twitter. But what about Periscope? Or SlideShare? It can be hard to know if you’re using the right social media platforms for the right audiences. Plus, since Facebook continues to reduce organic, now is the time to extend or change your mix of social channels. For instance, you might […]

Turning Browsing Into Shopping On Pinterest

Launched only four years ago, Pinterest is already the #1 ecommerce traffic driver. And with more than 70 million registered users, rapid growth and the launch of new business features, it has become a highly attractive channel for business that deserves full consideration to be a part, even a big part, of social media plans. […]

Scaling Social Media Programs and Maximizing Value Is Easier Than You Think

To paraphrase the late Notorious B.I.G. song, sometimes having more brands can mean more problems, particularly for procurement managers at Fortune 500 companies who need to scale social media programs while still maximizing their value. Redundancy and overwhelmed in-house employees clash with managing user-generated content and protecting the brand. Meanwhile, smaller brands are left to […]

California’s new SB 568 law changes online privacy for minors

What does this mean for your brand? Download the Point of View on the new law below.  SB 568, a California law stipulating new requirements for protecting the privacy of teens online, is set to go into effect on January 1, 2015. LiveWorld has written a POV document with recommendations on the new law. Download […]

LiveWorld’s Peter Friedman shook up Social Media Today’s annual Social Shake-Up

Liveworld’s CEO Peter Friedman was one of many “Who’s Who” of the social media industry who attended Social Media Today’s annual Social Shake-Up. The event took place September 16-17, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. Social Shake-Up featured presentations from big names like IBM, Wal-Mart, Bank of America, ESPN, Forbes, Coca-Cola and Netflix, among others. Plus, there […]

How To Create Your Brand Identity On Social Media (3 case studies)

LiveWorld founder and CEO Peter Friedman was interviewed by Sushant of Trep Talks. In the interview Peter shares what it takes to create conversations among and with your customers on social media. Peter also shares his experience at Apple, how his time there affected the rest of his entrepreneurial career, and his work with social. […]

Social will Dominate Customers’ Brand Experience

LiveWorld CEO, Peter Friedman, was recently interviewed by the Business Marketing Association’s BMA Buzz about his new book The CMO’s Social Media Handbook. Peter provides an overview of the book and also offers some advice to CMOs. Peter imparts some great advice for CMOs just getting started and considering social media in the interview. “Social […]

Adverse events only small percentage of comments on pharma Facebook Pages

August 15, 2011 looms as the date when disease-state and over-the-counter (OTC) pharma brands will no longer be able to prevent fans from commenting on their Facebook Pages. This also means an obligation to watch for and report all adverse events (AE) on the Page. So how much AE content should pharma brands realistically expect? To […]