LiveWorld - Surviving the Coronavirus: a Marketing Perspective

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Surviving the Coronavirus: a Marketing Perspective

woman wearing surgical mask in crowd coronavirus
post by: Martin Bishop

The coronavirus has reached the point where it is becoming top-of-mind for everyone. What was, only a few weeks ago, a new virus impacting one part of China is now rapidly developing into a pandemic covered non-stop in the news. As of Feb 27th, over 80,000 cases and 2,500 deaths have been reported, and 50 […]

Meerkat and Periscope stream into view. Time to add live streaming to the marketing mix?

post by: Martin Bishop

And now it’s live streaming’s turn to shine bright in the social media universe. Meerkat, using SXSW as its launch pad, whipped up excitement and investment money for its personal, mobile live streaming app, followed a few days later by Twitter’s Periscope. Too early to tell which, if either, of these apps will survive and […]