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Your 2017 Planning Guide On Messaging Apps For Pharmaceutical Companies

2017 Guide on Messaging For Pharma

Pharmaceutical Marketers, Ready for the Next Social Channel? As a marketer in the pharmaceutical industry, you not only need to plan for how to use social media as a marketing channel, but you also need to think about how to use new channels as they emerge, and all while remaining compliant for adverse events with […]

Pharma Marketers, Start Working With Messaging Apps Now

Pharma Marketers and Messaging Apps

Its Time to Build an Engagement Playbook for Pharmaceutical Marketing There’s a shift going on in social media right now, a shift back towards more conversational engagement with customers and patients across all social channels, and messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger are the driver. This is great for pharmaceutical companies and pharma marketers. Pharma marketers […]

Amplifying Digital Marketing Assets in Messenger

Messenger in pocket - LIveWorld

Facebook Messenger Is More Than A Conversation Facebook Messenger is changing the game when it comes to communication. Just as email revolutionized how people interact and share information, Messenger offers companies an entirely new channel to reach customers and vice versa. It is transforming a communications channel into a direct, interactive marketing and sales channel. […]