LiveWorld - Q&A with Danny Flamberg, LiveWorld's VP Strategy – HCP
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Q&A with Danny Flamberg, LiveWorld's VP Strategy – HCP

Danny Flamberg - VP Strategy - HCP

Danny Flamberg oversees LiveWorld’s Healthcare Provider (HCP) practice helping clients develop marketing strategies for pharmaceutical and life science brands. Danny earned an A.B., an M.A. and a Ph.D. in econometrics at Columbia University. An Interview with Danny Flamberg Can you share how you found your way to LiveWorld’s pharma team and what you’re looking forward […]

Five Questions with LiveWorld’s Creative Director, Jena Dengrove

Jena Dengrove

Meet Jena Dengrove, Creative Director here at LiveWorld. What makes awesome, memorable creative for pharma? In any genre of creative, identifying what an audience needs and what resonates with them, results in the potential to reach them in a meaningful way. That ability to authentically connect with someone becomes incredibly motivating as a creative person. […]