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Getting Creative While Remaining Compliant in Social Media

In this post, I’d like to talk about strategies for developing innovative digital and social media campaigns that not only captivate audiences but also adhere to regulatory guidelines. By incorporating engaging storytelling techniques and interactive elements, healthcare organizations can effectively connect with patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) while standing out from the crowd of the […]

Creating Pharma Social Media Content that Breaks Through

Creating pharma social media content that resonates

Today, it’s harder than ever for pharmaceutical marketers to capture attention. They face noise from a surge in online usage, new platforms and fewer in-person events. How can marketers keep up and stand out? Keep the following in mind to create attention-grabbing and behavior-changing content. ONE: Understand what your audience wants. Patients want to be […]

Inspiring Change Through Meaningful Creative

Inspiring Emotion-Driven Creative

Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) recently named LiveWorld as one of eight healthcare marketing agencies to watch in their 2019 Top 100 Healthcare Marketing agencies issue. It’s a huge milestone to be recognized for our expertise in developing campaigns that grow awareness and change behaviors through emotion-driven creative and content. An Emotional Patient-Centric Strategy The healthcare […]