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Elevating Social Media Engagement: LiveWorld Connects You with Your Customers 24/7

Effective customer response and engagement is needed around the clock. Consumers do not think in traditional business hours, especially when a potential purchase opportunity is only restricted by how far their phone is. They expect support, engagement, and interaction to be available on-demand. User-generated content (UGC) flows incessantly, and customers expect timely, accurate responses regardless of […]

Ensuring Brand Safety and Engagement through Moderation and Monitoring

In the dynamic world of online interactions, managing user-generated content (UGC) across various channels poses a significant challenge for businesses. The need for dedicated resources to review and moderate content  is crucial, especially during non-business hours when consumers are most active. Failing to address customer issues promptly and allowing inappropriate content to linger can lead […]

Human-touch content moderation

Content moderation is essential for maintaining a safe and healthy online environment for both your brand and your users. That’s where LiveWorld comes in; with over 27 years of experience, we combine the intelligence and compassion of human moderators with the efficiency of software technology to provide unparalleled moderation and engagement services.  Moderation agents work […]

The Balancing Act of Crisis Management

A social media crisis can happen to any company at any time; yet even the best crisis management plan can fail if it’s not executed well. While crisis management is an all-hands-on-deck situation, it’s also a balancing act. So how do you keep from losing your footing? Use these strategies to help make sure your […]