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Invest in Adverse Event Reporting – It’s Key to the Modern Pharma Marketer’s Success

Adverse Events Reporting - LiveWorld

The article was originally published in PM360 on April 26, 2018 As patients continue to discuss their health on a growing number of platforms, including social media, chatbots, messages apps, and various Internet of Things devices like Amazon Echo, it becomes increasingly difficult for life sciences companies to report adverse events in a timely matter.  […]

Making Facebook Marketing Work For You

Facebook Marketing

Using Facebook for your pharmaceutical marketing While Facebook has the best advertising and targeting platform, the recent changes limiting the ability to target consumers by condition or symptom might limit the use of Facebook by healthcare and pharmaceutical marketers in 2018. The Power of Influencers With these changes, pharmaceutical brands should consider using influencer campaigns […]

Adverse Event Reporting on Social Media for Pharma Companies – Problem Solved

Adverse Events for pharma brands

Solutions for Adverse Events Reporting and Management can keep Brands FDA Compliant Pharma brands shouldn’t delay their use of social media due to the risk of adverse events reporting. Patients regularly use social media. In some cases, patients seek input and answers from social media before they visit their doctor. A recent survey of doctors by Cello […]

Harnessing Patient Communities for Pharma Marketing

Community Management

What do people do when they are sick? Often, even before they call a doctor, they go online. And when they’re facing a health crisis or ongoing illness, more people than ever are turning to social media and online communities before, during, and after diagnosis. In fact, 69% of doctors surveyed said many of their […]

Online treatment communities: the ideal way for healthcare companies to talk to patients and meet business objectives

Online Treatment Communities for patients

When facing an illness, one of the first things that patients and caregivers do is go online for information and look to online treatment communities, writes Dawn Lacallade, chief social strategist and pharma practice lead at social media specialist LiveWorld.  Once they’re online, they’re likely to find a treatment community – and stay once they […]

Pharmaceutical Companies must Embrace Social Media as a Key Marketing Channel

Pharmacy Aisle Cell Phone

Social Media for Pharma Marketing Social media permeates virtually every aspect of a person’s digital life, and has for a few years now. Therefore, it is not surprising that patients are using social media as a major source of information, and an integral part of their healthcare research journey. Given that, it is imperative that […]

5 Key Strategies to Enhance Pharma Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Pharmaceutical social media

Social media is integrated into the daily lives of consumers, often engaging with brands for customer service support – except when it comes to pharmaceutical companies. Regulations have often deterred pharma brands from the open social media dialogue consumers experience with retail, travel and hospitality brands. However, the demand for conversational interactions via social media […]

Where's the collaboration in enterprise collaboration tools?

Using social media platforms is gaining steam in enterprises — incrementally. But even for organizations that have begun to exploit social media platforms for external use, distributing information internally with enterprise collaboration tools remains immature. Enterprise social collaboration software is designed to enable social networking and knowledge sharing among employees. Collaboration technologies can also drive […]

Quick Review: Facebook fMC Event and Product Changes

Did you catch the first Facebook Marketing Conference? If not, they are playing recaps. Crunched for time and just want to know what is changing? We got ya covered! So what does Facebook want us to know? Facebook continues to emphasize their migration from Ads to Stories. “Stories are more powerful than Ads, and a […]