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Outsourcing Community Management: Is It Out or In?

post by: Jenna Woodul

It’s interesting to read Arik Hanson’s take on the Social Fresh Community Manager Report. He identifies 5 trends, based on the Social Fresh data, noting that “more brands are understanding they shouldn’t outsource community management.” Here’s another point of view: It’s critical that community managers have a deep understanding of the business they represent, are able to interpret […]

Introducing LiveWorld Content Review System API

post by: Jenna Woodul

We are proud to announce the LiveWorld Content Review System(CRS) API. Using the CRS API, a LiveWorld client or their agency can securely access content that has been processed (moderated, replied to, tagged with insights) by the CRS. User generated content from Facebook, Twitter, WordPress blogs and custom sites is being aggregated, moderated, tagged and responded to […]

Facebook pre-moderation of user posts

post by: Jenna Woodul

Facebook has provided a way for brands to review Posts users make to their Pages before releasing them to be published. It’s important to understand two things about this feature: 1)    It applies only to user-initiated Posts; it does not apply to Comments users make in response to a brand Post. Comments cannot be pre-moderated. 2)    Brands already have […]

ALL hours are business hours

post by: Jenna Woodul

At LiveWorld, with our history rooted in real-time online interaction and online events, we’ve always taken a 24-hour, global point of view. As our clients deal with the proliferation of customer content flowing their way, we’re seeing numerous pain points emerge: Need for brand protection through timely interaction consistent with customer expectations and values Exponentially […]

Should we close our website community in favor of Facebook?

post by: Jenna Woodul

Sometimes people talk about being on Facebook like it’s the great new thing — and traditional community forums are the boring old thing. They question the value of the traditional central website community in light of the prominence of Facebook on the social media landscape. Let’s stop and think about it: The question isn’t as simple as “should we […]

The good side of relationship trouble online

post by: Jenna Woodul

Everyone talks about the importance of relationships with fans and customers, and there’s no doubt that it’s important to be ready for big trouble — bad trouble. But as in any relationship, not every kind of trouble can be termed a crisis. Things come up that cause smaller trouble — good trouble, if you like, because it comes from misunderstanding, misinformation, hurt […]

How social media culture is transforming customer service

post by: Jenna Woodul

The social media efforts of large companies typically start somewhere in the marketing department. However, in short order, it becomes apparent that a large portion of what customers want from a company is customer service. Marketing then sets up an escalation process for providing answers from customer service. Eventually, as we’re starting to see with […]

Getting ready for Facebook pharma changes

post by: Jenna Woodul

Facebook has decided to no longer allow pharma companies to “whitelist” their Pages. What this means: Up until now, pharma companies with Facebook Pages could request that Facebook disable the ability for people to comment on and/or Like brand posts. This exception should not be confused with the ability every Page has to disable the capability for […]