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Curation helps brands make sense of the social media onslaught

post by: Jenna Woodul

If you’re focused on managing a brand, you’re faced with overwhelming waves of data advancing on you from and about your customers, prospects, critics, and competitors. No doubt your listening applications fill up quickly with the 24-hour spidering of posts, and associated charts categorize them as negative, positive, and neutral. While automation makes it possible […]

LiveWorld Curator for moderation and insight

post by: Jenna Woodul

A massive amount of content that could be of interest to your customers floods the web every day. It may be what people are saying about your brand or what they’re saying about your industry — or current events that fall into the sphere of your brand culture, or even seasonal topics. While it’s great to be […]

CMAD: A salute to community managers

post by: Jenna Woodul

In its second year, today’s Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD) was started to thank those folks who work on behalf of customers, trying to improve their online experience, represent the community to brand management, and speak for brands to the community. Community Managers spend their time making online environments feel comfortable, initiating and supporting customs that create […]

LiveWorld strategic community management

post by: Jenna Woodul

Even though community management is increasingly understood as key to a social media strategy, the services it includes can vary. Some of our customers have an in-house community manager, and what they need from LiveWorld is support around best practices. Others look to us to take on the full-time role of managing the community, including […]

Community management in mature communities

post by: Jenna Woodul

Online communities are like offline communities. First, you’re new and inexperienced; then you know the ropes. Eventually you become thoroughly integrated and familiar with the culture. Finally, you may develop connections and friendships with a subset of the group, which then begins to meet separately from the whole. When cliques form like this, new arrivals […]

Introducing boomers to social networking and community

post by: Jenna Woodul

Working with one of our clients this week, I’m thinking about how to engage women in their 50s in online community. Despite that fact that online community was invented by Boomers (many of us cut our online teeth on newsgroups, BBS discussions, and IRC), the Groundswell profile tool shows that 44% of the Boomer population are not active in […]

Interviewing stakeholders

post by: Jenna Woodul

Working on the cultural aspects of a community, it’s helpful to interview people who work closely with a company’s customers. People who spend hours with folks on the phone and in person (or even in e-mail exchanges)have great insight to offer for an online cultural framework. They know what most customers ask about, what they […]