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HCP Social Media Usage for Work Continues to Expand

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In an age where digital connectivity dominates daily life, eight out of ten healthcare professionals use social media for professional purposes. HCPs are increasingly recognizing the value of these platforms in both their professional development and clinical practices. From networking and education to patient engagement and advocacy, social media offers opportunities for HCPs to add […]

Unveiling HCP Communication Patterns: Key Insights from a Study of 120 Primary Care Physicians

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A recent study of 120 primary care physicians, titled “Every Message Everywhere All at Once” conducted by OptimizeRX, concluded that HCPs actively seek professional information across as many as 10 media channels and they rely on different communication pathways for different information needs. Sounds logical, doesn’t it? This new data adds to our understanding of […]

Assessing the ROI of DOLs

Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) are in vogue and in demand. Brands are racing to find and harness emerging independent HCP (Healthcare Providers) voices to bolster awareness, prompt behavior change, and address the fear of missing out (FOMO).  But measuring the impact and ROI of HCP influencers can be challenging. Classically ROI is a calculation that […]

What HCPs Want From Social Media

A recent Sermo survey of more than 100 physicians, designed by and for the Digital Health Coalition (DHC), points out where and how HCPs are using social media for professional purposes and validates similar research being broadly conducted by agencies, consultants, and pharma brands. More than half of responders say that their use of social […]

Changing HCP Minds with Social Media

A LiveWorld-Sermo survey of 206 physicians across ten specialties found that clinical information delivered on social media changed minds and drove behavior change. 57% changed their POV on a new treatment or medication 41% changed the medicine they prescribed With 75% of American physicians using public and private social media for professional purposes, social creative […]

12 Predictions for Non-Personal HCP Promotion in 2023

As 2022 turns into 2023, social media is strong and ascendent as an everyday promotional channel for healthcare providers (HCPs). Seventy percent of HCPs report actively using social channels for professional purposes. A variety of studies and surveys have found that social media is a leading channel for creating brand awareness, generating leads, providing scientific […]

Health Ideas Aspen 2022

I had the great privilege to attend Aspen Ideas Health last week at the Aspen Institute. Allow me to share some of the ideas presented. I hope you find this brief recap interesting or useful. The crowd was a mix of senior and mid-level professionals from government, academia, medicine (practitioners, researchers, and institutions), educators, journalists, […]

12 HCP Pharma Social Media Predictions for 2022


This article was originally published in on Dec 2, 2021. The adoption and growth of social media for HCPs will continue apace in 2022. Social behaviors prompted initially by COVID-19 have become standard operating procedures. Embracing nuances and developing new approaches will distinguish effective competitors from also-rans. For pharma marketers, discerning effectiveness of social […]

HCP Influencers: 5 Ways to Analyze Digital Opinion Leaders

Digital Opinion Leaders

The pandemic accelerated the number and reach of HCP digital influencers. The urgent scramble for Covid-19 clinical and treatment information pushed the envelope on healthcare providers offering ideas, insights, opinions, and case studies on almost every social media channel. You will be surprised at the number of HCP influencers and the size and scale of […]