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Health Ideas Aspen 2022

post by: Danny Flamberg

I had the great privilege to attend Aspen Ideas Health last week at the Aspen Institute. Allow me to share some of the ideas presented. I hope you find this brief recap interesting or useful. The crowd was a mix of senior and mid-level professionals from government, academia, medicine (practitioners, researchers, and institutions), educators, journalists, […]

Hospitals create emotional connections using social media

post by: Danny Flamberg

In recent conversations with more than a dozen hospital marketers, a common desire and high priority is to increase brand awareness and expand engagement with patients, caregivers, care teams, HCPs and employees. As a result, hospitals are broadly embracing social media to reach constituent audiences at levels ranging from slight toe-in-the-water exposure to full on […]

The Power of Online Communities: An Evolving Service Line Marketing Tactic

post by: Danny Flamberg

We live in a brand-new world—and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that the way we view hospitals, healthcare systems, medical clinics, and the like is forever and irrevocably changed. The COVID-19 pandemic, of course, is the reason behind this tectonic shift, and institutions that used to be historically trusted and revered for […]

Online Healthcare Communities: An Evolving Service Line Marketing Tactic

post by: Danny Flamberg

The pandemic upended and suspended hospital service line marketing. Fear of the hospital, suspension of treatments and procedures and general floating anxiety among HCPs, patients, and caregivers neutralized standard marketing tactics, leaving marketers with a need for alternative ways to message, reach, and persuade constituent audiences. One emerging tactic that combines a genuine level of […]

12 HCP Pharma Social Media Predictions for 2022

post by: Danny Flamberg

This article was originally published in on Dec 2, 2021. The adoption and growth of social media for HCPs will continue apace in 2022. Social behaviors prompted initially by COVID-19 have become standard operating procedures. Embracing nuances and developing new approaches will distinguish effective competitors from also-rans. For pharma marketers, discerning effectiveness of social […]

HCP Influencers: 5 Ways to Analyze Digital Opinion Leaders

Digital Opinion Leaders
post by: Danny Flamberg

The pandemic accelerated the number and reach of HCP digital influencers. The urgent scramble for Covid-19 clinical and treatment information pushed the envelope on healthcare providers offering ideas, insights, opinions, and case studies on almost every social media channel. You will be surprised at the number of HCP influencers and the size and scale of […]

Improve Customer Engagement with More Frequent, Quality Interactions

Customer engagement
post by: Danny Flamberg

More engagement is on the lips and on the wish list of every marketer. The common understanding is that “engagement” is an aggregate measure of a variety of interactions, which include clicks, likes, comments, shares, downloads, sign-ups, retweets and re-posts. Engagement is a proxy for conversion in environments where goods and services aren’t directly sold. […]

Marketers Source UGC for Authentic Voice of the Customer

User generated content - LiveWorld
post by: Danny Flamberg

There is a persistent belief in the wisdom of the crowd. In the public square, this belief plays out in our jury system. Online it plays out daily with the creation and trafficking of user-generated content (UGC). Each day hundreds of millions of photos, videos, social media comments, peer and product reviews, tweets, pins, conversations, […]

HCPs Are Changing Channels

Millennial doctor HCP on social media - LiveWorld
post by: Danny Flamberg

The pandemic has upended communications pathways, preferences, and practices for healthcare providers (HCPs). Standing expectations and approaches for communicating with peers, pharma representatives, and patients have been disrupted. Probably permanently. This forced sea change is being played out against significant background changes in the population of HCPs, their terms of employment, and lifestyle expectations. Digital […]

6 Factors Impeding the COVID-19 Vaccine Race

Covid-19 vaccine race
post by: Danny Flamberg

The race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine is complicated and challenging. The media is filled with wishful thinking, random prognosticators and a healthy dose of hype. A handful of efforts are entering Phase 3 clinical trials to test different vaccines. As developments occur, consider these six factors in evaluating the news. Developers. Some of the […]