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Marketers Source UGC for Authentic Voice of the Customer

User generated content - LiveWorld

There is a persistent belief in the wisdom of the crowd. In the public square, this belief plays out in our jury system. Online it plays out daily with the creation and trafficking of user-generated content (UGC). Each day hundreds of millions of photos, videos, social media comments, peer and product reviews, tweets, pins, conversations, […]

Facebook Comment Moderation with LiveWorld Software

Facebook Comments Social Plugin- LiveWorld

Moderate Facebook Comments and Enhance User Engagement To allow comments or not to allow comments? Organizations in virtually every industry grapple with this question. Brands crave customer engagement, but active consumer involvement can be a double-edge sword. For every helpful or inquisitive comment, there are likely an equal amount of spiteful, rude and even inappropriate […]

Pharmaceutical Companies must Embrace Social Media as a Key Marketing Channel

Pharmacy Aisle Cell Phone

Social Media for Pharma Marketing Social media permeates virtually every aspect of a person’s digital life, and has for a few years now. Therefore, it is not surprising that patients are using social media as a major source of information, and an integral part of their healthcare research journey. Given that, it is imperative that […]

Leading Brands Create Emotional Connections with Customers

Strengthen emotional connections online - LiveWorld

This article was previously published in MarTech Advisor on April 4, 2017 Brands are personalizing messages with consumers to strengthen their emotional connections. Jason Kapler, Vice President of Marketing at LiveWorld, covers how messaging apps have opened new opportunities for brands to engage in more human-to-human conversations Brands are getting personal with consumers by strengthening […]

5 Key Strategies to Enhance Pharma Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Pharmaceutical social media

Social media is integrated into the daily lives of consumers, often engaging with brands for customer service support – except when it comes to pharmaceutical companies. Regulations have often deterred pharma brands from the open social media dialogue consumers experience with retail, travel and hospitality brands. However, the demand for conversational interactions via social media […]