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Creating Pharma Social Media Content that Breaks Through

Creating pharma social media content that resonates
Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

Today, it’s harder than ever for pharmaceutical marketers to capture attention. They face noise from a surge in online usage, new platforms and fewer in-person events. How can marketers keep up and stand out? Keep the following in mind to create attention-grabbing and behavior-changing content. ONE: Understand what your audience wants. Patients want to be […]

6 Factors Impeding the COVID-19 Vaccine Race

Covid-19 vaccine race
Danny Flamberg post by: Danny Flamberg

The race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine is complicated and challenging. The media is filled with wishful thinking, random prognosticators and a healthy dose of hype. A handful of efforts are entering Phase 3 clinical trials to test different vaccines. As developments occur, consider these six factors in evaluating the news. Developers. Some of the […]