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HCP Influencers: 5 Ways to Analyze Digital Opinion Leaders

Digital Opinion Leaders

The pandemic accelerated the number and reach of HCP digital influencers. The urgent scramble for Covid-19 clinical and treatment information pushed the envelope on healthcare providers offering ideas, insights, opinions, and case studies on almost every social media channel. You will be surprised at the number of HCP influencers and the size and scale of […]

Creating Pharma Social Media Content that Breaks Through

Creating pharma social media content that resonates

Today, it’s harder than ever for pharmaceutical marketers to capture attention. They face noise from a surge in online usage, new platforms and fewer in-person events. How can marketers keep up and stand out? Keep the following in mind to create attention-grabbing and behavior-changing content. ONE: Understand what your audience wants. Patients want to be […]

6 Factors Impeding the COVID-19 Vaccine Race

Covid-19 vaccine race

The race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine is complicated and challenging. The media is filled with wishful thinking, random prognosticators and a healthy dose of hype. A handful of efforts are entering Phase 3 clinical trials to test different vaccines. As developments occur, consider these six factors in evaluating the news. Developers. Some of the […]