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Yes AdAge, Facebook should sell relationships because true social is about relationships

post by: Peter Friedman

Last week I read a compelling article, one that actually speaks to the true underlying fundamentals of social media, about which much of our industry remains surprisingly unaware. While the follow-up comments on this piece have some merit, it seems to me they are missing Ben’s fundamental point and the fundamentals of social that distinguish it as […]

LiveWorld accepted into Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program, Pages Category

post by: Matthew Hammer

LiveWorld is proud to be listed as one of the companies included in the Facebook® announcement of its new Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program, in the Pages category.  With proven experience scaling social media programs through moderation, insight and community programming, LiveWorld is now a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, qualified by the PMD program in Pages. […]

Facebook pre-moderation of user posts

post by: Jenna Woodul

Facebook has provided a way for brands to review Posts users make to their Pages before releasing them to be published. It’s important to understand two things about this feature: 1)    It applies only to user-initiated Posts; it does not apply to Comments users make in response to a brand Post. Comments cannot be pre-moderated. 2)    Brands already have […]

Quick Review: Facebook fMC Event and Product Changes

post by: Dawn Lacallade

Did you catch the first Facebook Marketing Conference? If not, they are playing recaps. Crunched for time and just want to know what is changing? We got ya covered! So what does Facebook want us to know? Facebook continues to emphasize their migration from Ads to Stories. “Stories are more powerful than Ads, and a […]

New marketing opportunities abound with latest Facebook changes

post by: Matthew Hammer

Written by former LiveWorld employee, @BryanPerson. Facebook has unveiled a slew of changes to its platform and the user experience over the past week, including the major announcements and launches at last week’s f8 conference. What does it all mean for brands? Here’s our walkthrough of the most relevant changes: New Timeline for user profiles now; […]

The Facebook approach to location

post by: Matthew Hammer

Facebook has announced a sweeping set of sharing and privacy changes for users, including a “phasing out” of its check-in based structure for Places. While dwarfed by the news of Steve Jobs departure from Apple, these changes have many pundits declaring defeat for Facebook and a triumph for Foursquare in the field of location-based services. I disagree. I think Facebook is […]