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Five Tricks from Improv: Make Social Media Stories More Engaging Than SNL

Storytelling has been marketing’s go-to buzzword for a couple years running. A well-told story that draws on the interests of its audience has the power to connect customers emotionally to a brand and make it unforgettable. But when it comes to social media, few marketers get storytelling right. Traditional advertising follows a broadcasting model, and […]

15 Big Social Media Mistakes Companies Make and How to Avoid Them

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool. But used the wrong way, social media sites can have a negative impact on your business — costing you goodwill and prospective customers. So how can you create a positive impression of your business and/or your products on popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, […]

Big Brands, Social Media and Trust: How to Avoid an Online Crisis

According to the 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer, only 50 percent of American customers trust business to “do what is right.” On top of that, a better deal is always a click away, and when a product or service isn’t 100 percent in alignment with expectations, buyers are quick to amplify their grievances online to all […]

Top CMO Challenges in Social Media—What’s Your Take?

Most of the Fortune 500 CMOs understand the benefits of social media—more brand awareness for the marketing buck, customer service improvements, heightened customer loyalty, and growth in sales, to name a few. As marketing expert Jeff Hayzlett said to me when I interviewed him recently, “CMOs know social media is the right thing to do. […]

Who’s Doing Social Media Marketing Right?

As I gear up for the NG CMO Summit in September, I sat down to interview marketing expert Jeffrey Hayzlett. Jeff was one of the first CMOs, most famously at Kodak, to “get” social and successfully leverage its power to redefine brands and build customer relationships. Today he’s better known as a global business celebrity, […]

How to Scale Social and Maintain Customer Engagement in Regulated Industries

Social media marketing for companies in regulated industries poses special challenges—challenges such companies can, and should, face if they wish to remain competitive. The ability to engage deeply with customers in social will increasingly define the world’s best-of-class products and companies. Drawing on our experience at LiveWorld, working with major brands in the pharmaceutical and […]

Social Media Safeguards for Healthcare and Regulated Industries

Social media has tremendous power as a tool for effective, affordable marketing and customer service — and yet many companies in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, avoid engaging it for fear of the legal and regulatory challenges it introduces. As the CEO of a company that works with major brands in the regulated pharmaceutical […]

Using Social Media to Grow Your Event

While event marketing focuses on the face-to-face experience of attending, sponsoring, and speaking at trade shows or industry meet-ups, social media facilitates similar shared experiences, creating brand advocates on a much larger scale. Adding social media to your event marketing strategy allows audiences to contribute to event content, promote the event to their followers and […]

Brand Approach to Social Media: Where’s the Party?

written by former LiveWorld employee, Ryan Morris As brands have rushed toward social media and now attempt to evaluate what it’s doing for their businesses, we’re all very interested in how it’s going. What are we getting out of it? Who’s doing it best? What are they doing that makes it better? We’ve always thought […]