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Elevating Social Media Engagement: LiveWorld Connects You with Your Customers 24/7

Effective customer response and engagement is needed around the clock. Consumers do not think in traditional business hours, especially when a potential purchase opportunity is only restricted by how far their phone is. They expect support, engagement, and interaction to be available on-demand. User-generated content (UGC) flows incessantly, and customers expect timely, accurate responses regardless of […]

Pharma Marketing Trends 2024: Navigating a Dynamic Digital Landscape

The pharmaceutical industry faces a shifting landscape in 2024, as the ‘COVID halo effect’ wanes. Past accolades for innovation must now be translated into sustained trust. This blog explores trends guiding pharma marketers to be more audience-centric and connect with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals in the post-pandemic era.    Trend 1: Short Form Video […]

Reputation Management: Another Benefit of Content Moderation

Marketers are in the business of building trust, a task made significantly more difficult with today’s digital landscape. Consumers around the world rely on others to validate their decisions before making purchases. More than ever it’s important to keep up on what’s being said on as many properties as ever, owned and earned, to ensure […]

5 Guaranteed Ways to Annoy an HCP Audience

Every pharma marketer wants to know and persuade healthcare professionals (HCPs). So, it’s no wonder that HCPs are bombarded with messages, in a growing array of channels, the majority of which either land with a thud or are completely ignored. It’s easy to annoy HCPs by making bad creative choices on social media. Here are […]

HCP KOLs and DOLs: Differences and Common Ground

In the race to find, harness, task, and deploy effective influencers, pharma marketers have two options: Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs). The former is a well-established HCP marketing tactic. The latter is emerging and evolving at the speed of digital transformation. KOLs Classically, KOLs are established and known leaders, published authors, […]

3 Key Takeaways from the MM+M Media summit

In November, healthcare, pharma marketers, and media professionals met up at Rockefeller Center in New York City for the MM+M 2022 Media Summit to discuss how the changing landscape will impact the industry over the coming years. After the event concluded three key themes were evident that pharma marketers need to consider to ensure marketing […]

3 Essentials of Social Media Content Moderation

Every brand requires content moderation services to protect its reputation and fulfill its responsibility of making its social media channels safe. Yet many brands fail to fully recognize how moderation can operate as a tool to build authentic engagement and powerful emotional connections. LiveWorld believes that three principles move content moderation from a reactive to […]

Get in the Conversation with TikTok Content Moderation for Pharma brands

The world’s fastest-growing digital entertainment platform, TikTok, is now supported by the LiveWorld Conversation Management Platform. LiveWorld has integrated TikTok’s API for both organic content and paid advertising. Respond, hide, tag, measure, moderate and engage with TikTok posts and conversations, all in one convenient place. Organic and Paid  The surging popularity of TikTok can be […]

Healthcare and Pharma on TikTok : Taking a Pulse on the Marketing Opportunities

We’ve all seen the inventive lip-sync routines and hashtag dance challenges. With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has undoubtedly taken the online world by storm. And its surging popularity has already attracted brands eager to join the creator-led platform. But the healthcare industry is generally taking more of a wait-and-see approach. Can they […]

When Social is a Lifeline

“Crazy how reaching out through social media is the most efficient way to get things done. Thank you for helping my parents get their vaccine shots.” That was just one of the many comments consumers and patients reported about the powerful impact of social on their lives during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. From […]