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Social Media Marketing Across the Pharma Product Lifecycle

In the past few years, social media has transformed from a platform for social interactions to a vital tool for the pharmaceutical industry. Pharma social media offers an excellent opportunity for patient and HCP engagement marketing, helping pharmaceutical companies to reach out to patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers.  However, the pharmaceutical industry faces several unique […]

Pharma Social Marketing Complexities Demand Expertise

social media complexity

Social media is an integral part of pharmaceutical and life science marketing and advertising. Marketers are scrambling to effectively conceive, design, and deploy campaigns on public and private social platforms to reach and persuade HCPs, patients, caregivers, payers, and communities of interest. Many of these platforms have evolving requirements, technical nuances, targeting challenges and/or content […]

LiveWorld / Nutricia Real Foods Blend campaign named 2023 PM360 Pharma Choice Award Winner for Social Media

In early 2022, LiveWorld partnered with Nutricia Real Food Blends in support of their new product launch: Real Food Blends Mini, a smaller, snack-size option made from ingredients known to help with bowel function for tube-fed people. The campaign targeted both patients and HCPs using a social first strategy, and was so well received, it […]

Get in the Conversation with TikTok Content Moderation for Pharma brands

The world’s fastest-growing digital entertainment platform, TikTok, is now supported by the LiveWorld Conversation Management Platform. LiveWorld has integrated TikTok’s API for both organic content and paid advertising. Respond, hide, tag, measure, moderate and engage with TikTok posts and conversations, all in one convenient place. Organic and Paid  The surging popularity of TikTok can be […]

12 HCP Pharma Social Media Predictions for 2022


This article was originally published in on Dec 2, 2021. The adoption and growth of social media for HCPs will continue apace in 2022. Social behaviors prompted initially by COVID-19 have become standard operating procedures. Embracing nuances and developing new approaches will distinguish effective competitors from also-rans. For pharma marketers, discerning effectiveness of social […]

HCPs & Social Media: Bridging the Virtual and Real Worlds

Millennial doctor HCP on social media - LiveWorld

Umar Siddiqui, MD is Medical Director at LiveWorld and a digital health professional with 15+ years of experience spanning clinical research, health-system leadership, strategy consulting, venture-capital and health technology. HCPs are engaging with providers and patients on social media platforms more than ever. So, how is the virtual world bridged with the real world? Collaborating […]

Creating Pharma Social Media Content that Breaks Through

Creating pharma social media content that resonates

Today, it’s harder than ever for pharmaceutical marketers to capture attention. They face noise from a surge in online usage, new platforms and fewer in-person events. How can marketers keep up and stand out? Keep the following in mind to create attention-grabbing and behavior-changing content. ONE: Understand what your audience wants. Patients want to be […]

Marketers Source UGC for Authentic Voice of the Customer

User generated content - LiveWorld

There is a persistent belief in the wisdom of the crowd. In the public square, this belief plays out in our jury system. Online it plays out daily with the creation and trafficking of user-generated content (UGC). Each day hundreds of millions of photos, videos, social media comments, peer and product reviews, tweets, pins, conversations, […]