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Social Media News and Platform Updates: April 2024

April has emerged as a month of significant transformation in the social media landscape. Platforms across the board have introduced a plethora of updates signaling a new era of enhanced user engagement, deeper integration of artificial intelligence, and heightened regulatory scrutiny. Let’s explore these updates in detail, shedding light on how they are set to […]

Remote Is Here To Stay!

Our company, LiveWorld, survived when 80% of Internet companies folded in the 2001 crash and subsequently through other ups and downs in part because we became remote-centric. With two decades of operating a successful company whose employees work virtually 100% from home and are spread around the country in 46 states, for the first time […]

HCP Social Media Usage for Work Continues to Expand

doctor on social media

In an age where digital connectivity dominates daily life, eight out of ten healthcare professionals use social media for professional purposes. HCPs are increasingly recognizing the value of these platforms in both their professional development and clinical practices. From networking and education to patient engagement and advocacy, social media offers opportunities for HCPs to add […]

Pharma Marketing Trends 2024: Navigating a Dynamic Digital Landscape

The pharmaceutical industry faces a shifting landscape in 2024, as the ‘COVID halo effect’ wanes. Past accolades for innovation must now be translated into sustained trust. This blog explores trends guiding pharma marketers to be more audience-centric and connect with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals in the post-pandemic era.    Trend 1: Short Form Video […]

10 Pharma Marketing Factors Shaping 2024

As the new year dawns, consider these 10 factors that will influence and affect healthcare and pharma marketing over the next 12 months. Social is Soaring. Social media has become the channel of choice for most patients, caregivers, and HCP segments. Social media has established itself as part of physicians’ daily clinical toolkit. Social commerce […]

A Federal Agency to Regulate Social Media Is a Good Idea. Here’s What It Should Do.

In a recent New York Times essay, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Lindsey Graham proposed a new federal agency to regulate social media and tech companies. As the CEO and founder of LiveWorld, the longest-standing social media-related company in the world (27 years), having overseen more than 3 million hours of content moderation and engagement managed […]

7 Tips for Migrating from UA to GA4

With Google Analytics 4, you’ll enjoy a whole range of benefits that’ll put you ahead of the competition (or so, we hope). From user-centric measurement to cross-device tracking, advanced machine learning capabilities, and improved data control and privacy, GA4 has got you covered. Plus, its seamless integration with Google Ads ensures you never miss a […]