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Quick Review: Facebook fMC Event and Product Changes

Dawn Lacallade post by: Dawn Lacallade

Did you catch the first Facebook Marketing Conference? If not, they are playing recaps. Crunched for time and just want to know what is changing? We got ya covered! So what does Facebook want us to know? Facebook continues to emphasize their migration from Ads to Stories. “Stories are more powerful than Ads, and a […]

New marketing opportunities abound with latest Facebook changes

Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

Written by former LiveWorld employee, @BryanPerson. Facebook has unveiled a slew of changes to its platform and the user experience over the past week, including the major announcements and launches at last week’s f8 conference. What does it all mean for brands? Here’s our walkthrough of the most relevant changes: New Timeline for user profiles now; […]

The Facebook approach to location

Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

Facebook has announced a sweeping set of sharing and privacy changes for users, including a “phasing out” of its check-in based structure for Places. While dwarfed by the news of Steve Jobs departure from Apple, these changes have many pundits declaring defeat for Facebook and a triumph for Foursquare in the field of location-based services. I disagree. I think Facebook is […]

5 ways for brands to approach Google+

Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

Written by former LiveWorld employee, @BryanPerson. The Google+ social network launched to great fanfare last week, and has attracted plenty of digital ink, activity, and experimentation in the 10 days since, particularly among the early-adopter crowd. We still think it’s way too soon to draw any definitive conclusions about Google+’s place in the social media landscape, but […]

The impact of declining anonymity on the web

Peter Friedman post by: Peter Friedman

(Editor’s note: The following post by Peter comes as a response to a recent New York Times article, “Upending Anonymity, These Days the Web Unmasks Everyone.” An abridged version of this response was also left as a direct comment to the article) The article raises an important dynamic about the decline of anonymity with some positive and […]

Social media as a 'business growth engine'

Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

In an interview from the summer 2011 edition of “sparks,” from Catalyst Strategies, LiveWorld CEO Peter Friedman explains how “social media is transforming interactions and brands through dialogue and relationships.” In the full Q&A interview that is embedded as a shareable/downloadable PDF at the bottom of this post, Peter also addresses these topics: How to […]

Presentation on Facebook pharma changes

Matthew Hammer post by: Matthew Hammer

Changes are coming to Facebook that will require pharma companies to allow fan comments on their Wall posts. And in the presentation below, LiveWorld Chief Community Officer Jenna Woodul shares how pharma marketers should prepare for this new two-way environment.   Pharma Facebook Changes View more presentations from LiveWorld ——   This post is part […]

CMAD: A salute to community managers

Jenna Woodul post by: Jenna Woodul

In its second year, today’s Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD) was started to thank those folks who work on behalf of customers, trying to improve their online experience, represent the community to brand management, and speak for brands to the community. Community Managers spend their time making online environments feel comfortable, initiating and supporting customs that create […]

We are what we say: Why and how news outlets and politicians must manage the talk and behavior they influence

Peter Friedman post by: Peter Friedman

Written by Peter Friedman and Jenna Woodul In the wake of last week’s shooting in Arizona, debate rages about whether the vitriolic dialogue in politics and news is a cause of the tragedy.We don’t know a direct link exists from that discourse to this disturbed young man’s actions. But we do know that words count. […]