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Creative & Compliant Pharma Marketing

Creative & Compliant Pharma Marketing

The surge in digital and social media usage combined with the elimination of in-person events is creating new challenges and opportunities for pharma marketers to capture attention. Adding to the predicament are, new platforms such as TikTok and ever-changing targeting capabilities of existing channels make it difficult to keep up and remain competitive. Marketing and […]

Inspiring Change Through Meaningful Creative

Inspiring Emotion-Driven Creative

Medical Marketing & Media (MM&M) recently named LiveWorld as one of eight healthcare marketing agencies to watch in their 2019 Top 100 Healthcare Marketing agencies issue. It’s a huge milestone to be recognized for our expertise in developing campaigns that grow awareness and change behaviors through emotion-driven creative and content. An Emotional Patient-Centric Strategy The healthcare […]

Does Your Social Media Strategy need a Reboot?

Social Media Strategy Workbook - LiveWorld

Quarterly reviews are recommended for Pharma Marketers Social media is an incredibly powerful way to connect with your customers, learn more about them, and engage in conversations that become brand experiences that can drive product awareness, increase transactions, and boost loyalty. In fact a 2018 study by Nielsen confirms that social media is ranked as […]

Bumble swipes left on Tinder, declaring itself good David – let's make that "Diana" vs. evil Goliath

Social Media Crisis Management - Bumble vs Tinder logos - LiveWorld

Leveraging social media in a crisis Bumble and Tinder are at war. In addition to competing for customers and market position, the two are firing accusations at each other—with Tinder actually filing a lawsuit against Bumble, claiming violation of two of its patents. Bumble accuses Tinder of trying to buy it, intimidate it, and copy […]

Use these 4 Proven Healthcare Social Strategies to Break Through to Patients and Consumers

4 Proven Healthcare Social Strategies

There’s one sure-fire way to break through to your patients and customers: having 1-to-1 conversations. And the most practical way to do that is through social media. We’ve found four main healthcare social strategies that every healthcare marketer needs to consider. By tapping into the transformative power of social media, pharmaceutical marketers can increase engagement and […]

Whose Super Bowl Ads Won Social Media?

Superbowl social media

Millions of dollars are spent on Super Bowl ads every year, but a big question always remains – was that money well spent? Fortunately, we can turn to social media channels to get instant feedback from consumers to determine winners and losers. There were 150 million Instagram interactions and 240 million Facebook interactions – 40 million […]

The Pharmaceutical Marketer's Forecast for 2017: Pharma Customer Service goes Digital

Social Customer Service

Pharmaceutical Customer Service is going Digital Social media has definitely matured. Not only has it become embedded in many people’s daily routine, customers expect their interactions with brands and companies to actually be social. We’re finally at a point that most consumer brands recognize that it’s crucial to provide customer service on social channels. Pharma […]

The Pharmaceutical Marketer's Forecast for 2017: Branded Rx Comes out of the Darkness

Pharmaceutical companies are great at communicating, but are they any good at being social? According to Bowen Craggs & Co., in 2016 four of the top 10 online communicators were pharmaceutical companies. David Bowen, cofounder of Bowen Craggs & Co., said, “A lot of these companies are using their corporate websites and associated social media channels […]